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The Water Test

Demonstration Instructions

This test is to demonstrate the superior protection provided against moisture, perspiration (sweat), and rain. The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ protects your hearing aid investment from water damage.

Use the actual hearing aid to demonstrate how easy it is to operate the controls through the fabric of the Hearing Aid Sweat Band™.

In selecting the proper size Hearing Aid Sweat Band, be sure that the sweat band covers the microphone.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Hearing Aid Sweat Band to repel moisture:

  1. Fill clear glass with water
  2. Put the Sweat Band over the hearing aid (be sure that the microphone is covered)
  3. Immerse the hearing aid with the sweat band in place into the water (be careful not to immerse beyond the opening of the Sweat Band)
  4. When you take the hearing aid out of the water, pull the hearing aid out of the Sweat Band to show that it is dry

A more impressive alternate test:

  1. Take a Kleenex tissue and roll it up, fold in half and insert the folded end into the Sweat Band
  2. Immerse as above, remove the tissue from the Sweat Band and unfold it to display that it is dry

Please be aware that this test is only to display the ATTRIBUTES of the Hearing Aid Sweat Band. The intended use of the Sweat Band is to REPEL MOISTURE. It is NOT INTENDED to protect the hearing aid from damage if submerged in water, in the shower, during shampooing of hair, or any other extreme or prolonged exposure to water, including rain and/or extremely excessive perspiration. When the sweat band fails to repel moisture and begins to absorb moisture, the sweat band should be replaced with a dry one.