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17 Colors Available for the ORIGINAL Hearing Aid Sweat Band™

Hearing Aid Sweat Band - 17 Colors Available!

Seventeen (17) Colors Available

The ORIGINAL Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ comes in seventeen (17) color variations. Why? So that we could meet every need and desire of our customers. From youngsters to adults, from sports enthusiasts to moderately active older adults, from modest attire to flashy outfits. We have a color that will suit your need.

We have Natural colors, Bright "fun" colors, and Neon colors that really "pop."

Protecting your Hearing Aid investment does not mean you have to go without showing off your own personal style. With 17 colors to choose from, our Hearing Aid Sweatband™ is sure to come in a color of your liking. And remember, you get 2 Hearing Aid Sweat Bands with each purchase (2 per pack).
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Protect Your Hearing Aid Investment, But Do So In STYLE!

Hearing Aid Sweat Band - The Natural Colors - 17 Colors Available (6 colors shown here)

Hearing Aid Sweat Band - 17 Colors Available (11 shown in this photo)