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The Advantages of the ORIGINAL Hearing Aid Sweat Band™

Hearing Aid Sweat Band Performance

The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ offers many advantages for protection from moisture over other behind the ear hearing aid moisture protectors. Here is a list of just some of the major advantages to the ORIGINAL Hearing Aid Sweat Band:

  1. Hearing Aid Sweat Band - Protect Your Hearing Aid InvestmentMade from specially designed fabric, The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ protects your behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid from the damaging effects of moisture, and yet still allows sound to readily pass through it. Tests have shown the sound dampening effect of our product to be a mere 1.5 to 2 dB. The ORIGINAL Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ will protect your hearing aid investment!

  2. One of the many benefits is that you will avoid expensive hearing aid repairs.

  3. The behind-the-ear hearing aid wearer is able to operate their hearing aid's controls through the fabric while the Hearing Aid Sweatband™ is in place.

  4. The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ is easy to slip over the hearing aid. There is no need for an application procedure or Special Tools. (See here for How to Apply to any BTE device, and see here for How to Apply to a Cochlear device.)

  5. It is inexpensive and disposable, but will withstand a few launderings. We recommend hand washing in a mild detergent and air drying. (See here for How to Care for your Hearing Aid Sweat Band.)

  6. The special fabric is hypoallergenic, soft and supple and is not irritable to the skin.

  7. The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ sheds moisture. The special fabric also absorbs and holds perspiration and moisture that it does not shed, which is free to wick and evaporate away without holding the moisture in or against the hearing aid. This protects your hearing aid investment.

  8. Buy Your HEARING AID SWEAT BAND Today!The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ reduces cleaning and maintenance visits, as well as the damaging effects of moisture on the batteries and inner workings of your hearing aid.

  9. Hearing Aid Sweatbands™ are great for sports enthusiasts or anyone who suffers from sudden loss of hearing due to perspiration, rain or snow and dust. The Hearing Aid Sweat Band also reduces feedback due to wind.

  10. The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ has the ability to absorb a large amount of moisture enabling the wearer to leave their hearing aid in place during high-perspiration sport activities. It protects your Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid from hair spray and other hairstyling products, as well as dusty or industrial environments. (However, it is not recommended to wear during hair washing.)

  11. Virtually any one who wears a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid can benefit from The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™. It is great for runners, golfers, walkers, children and anyone who works or plays outdoors or in a dusty environment.

  12. Proudly made in the USA! High-quality product, made from all-natural fabric. Manufactured in the US.