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Caring For Your Hearing Aid Sweat Band™

Care and Laundering

BUY your own ORIGINAL Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ - Protect Your Hearing Aid InvestmentThe Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ is made of a soft supple cloth. It is not necessary to wash the Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ each time it is worn. The Hearing Aid Sweatband™ can be dried either on or off of your BTE. If you choose to keep it on your behind the ear hearing aid, it can be placed in your hearing aid dryer overnight. You may also choose to remove the Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ from the BTE and air dry it.

When the Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ has become soiled, it can be hand washed in a small amount of mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly and air dry. It can also be placed in a mesh laundry bag and put through the clothes washer and dryer.

When the Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ becomes saturated with moisture, it should be carefully removed and air dried before re-using. For continued protection of your hearing, The Hearing Aid Sweatbands are sold two per pack so that you can have a spare, dry Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ available. If you wear two behind the ear hearing aids, it is recommended that you purchase two packs (for a total of 4 Hearing Aid Sweat Bands™'s).