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Questions and Answers (FAQs) about The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Eliminate sudden loss of hearing due to moisture penetrating your Behind the Ear Hearing Aid. Protecting your BTE from dampness, humidity, condensation, or wetness due to perspiration, or weather elements is now made easy with the Hearing Aid Sweat Band™

Q: How many uses can I expect from my The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™?

A: Many. The number of uses varies depending on the individual, but many uses are probable.

Q: What should I do when The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ feels saturated with water?

A: Remove it and put on a dry one, or if not practical, try just rotating The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ so that the wet side against your skin faces the outside and the dryer side now goes against your skin. You could rotate this as many times as needed in an activity involving excessive perspiration, allowing enough time for the outside dampness to evaporate away each time.

Q: How should I dry my The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ each evening?

A: Just let them air dry, or, use a hosiery bag in the clothes dryer.

Q: How should I care for my Sweat Bands?

A: When applying simply be careful not to snag the fabric on the controls when putting them on & off. Try not to stretch out the elastic opening, because it always needs to constrict snugly around the ear hook tube. (See here for How to Apply to any BTE device, and see here for How to Apply to a Cochlear device.) However, to launder the Sweat Band, please see these instructions - click here.

Q: Will the Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ block or impede sound?

A: No, not for the most part. There is only a slight effect of 1.5 to 2 dB.

Q: How do I know when it is time to replace The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ with a new one?

A: When The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ no longer fits snugly around the hearing aid, when it™s water shedding ability has diminished, when it becomes soiled, snagged or unsightly.

Q: Can I launder my The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™?

A: Yes. We advise hand laundering in a mild detergent with air drying. Also machine washing and drying is OK in a hosiery bag. (See Care and Laundering instructions here.)

Q: How do I know what size to order?

A: Measure your hearing aid from the tail to the tip where the ear hook tube exits the aid. This is the size Sweat Band you need. Note: be sure to order it long enough to cover the microphone area of the aid. (See Sizing Chart here.)

Q: Is it easy to operate the controls of the aid with The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ installed?

A: Yes. With a good feel for your controls it is quite easy to operate the controls right through the fabric.

Q: How difficult is it to put The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ on & take it off?

A: Easy. The first time or two it takes a little fiddling to expand the elasticized opening to start it over the aid. Once started, it is simple to finish pulling it entirely over the aid. Like learning to tie your shoes, you will get the knack of it after a few times. (See here for How to Apply to any BTE device, and see here for How to Apply to a Cochlear device.)

Q: What are they made of?

A: A soft and supple woven material that is hydrophobic, possessing special attributes for both the shedding of moisture, holding of moisture, and also evaporation of moisture.

Q: Will The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ irritate my skin?

A: No. They are hypoallergenic; there are no known cases of any ill effects from wearing The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™.

Q: How many come in a pack?

A: They are packaged two to a pack.

Q: Why hasn't my Audiologist mentioned these to me?

A: Your Audiologist may not be familiar with the Sweat Bands or the benefits they can provide. Please feel free to give us their name and contact information and we will be happy to contact them.

Q: Can I use them with my Cochlear device?

A: Yes. Go to this Cochlear link (click here) and follow the step-by-step instructions, or call us.

Q: Will they be effective in the rain?

A: It is not our position to claim that The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ are designed to be used in the rain. However, people have written to us to say they have worn them in the rain and that they have proven to be effective in keeping moisture from entering the aid. So apparently, there is a degree of protection that can be realized. We advise caution & common sense in such circumstance. An umbrella is helpful.

Q: Should I wear them for cold weather conditions?

A: Yes. They are very helpful on reducing condensation inside the aid when traveling between cold outside temperatures and heated interior space, and the associated damaging effects of moisture inside your hearing aid.

Q: Can we wear them to go swimming?

A: Absolutely not. They are not effective in a situation that involves immersing.

Q: Will they help on the beach?

A: Yes. They are great for minor slashing, reduction of wind feed back, and protecting the inside of the aid from dirt infiltration.

Q: Can I assume that The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ are equally as effective in snow conditions?

A: Yes.

Q: Will it help protect my hearing aid when bathing?

A: The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ is designed for passive protection. Along those lines, it would work well for protecting the hearing aid from minor splashing of water in a bathtub situation. However, it is not advised for immersing in water or in a shower situation.

Q: Will it reduce the maintenance requirements of my hearing aid?

A: Yes. It helps to reduce the maintenance associated with corrosion and dirt infiltration.

Q: Will it keep my hearing aid working when I go snorkeling and scuba diving?

A: NO! (The Hearing Aid Sweat Band is not intended to be submerged in water.)

Q: Should I wear it when I walk on the moon?